The only application that provides, plots and allows full disposition tracking of prospective T-65 clients.


Features you will love


Simple design with all functions easy to access and manage with pinpoint prospect mapping    


Prospects load up on main page, with quick access to manage activity, dispositions, and calendars.

Limited Access

We limit the number of agents using our application based on city or town populations. This ensures Agents will have plenty of prospects witout saturation of competition. 

Discover Door Knock Pro

Elegantly designed with functionality in mind. Schedule a free demo today to see the application in action.    

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Great Features


Plotted leads with Navigation

Using Native Apple Maps, we have designed our application to load leads in your area with pinpoint accuracy. We keep leads consonantly updated with the most recent information. With the prospect information being 97% accurate, you have the ability to navigate from one lead to another using apple maps. For agents who travel often, you have the ability to see leads uploaded in all areas you travel.

Scheduling Appointments and Follow-Ups

One of the best features of Door Knock pro is the built-in calendar for scheduling appointments and follow-ups. You no longer need to carry around an appointment book, just simply tap the appointment or follow-up disposition button. The option to schedule a date, time, and create notes will automatically pop up. To easily access your appointment book, click the activity icon on the bottom right.


Capturing Dispositions

When door knocking, keeping notes is extremely important. As you update dispositions within the app, the icon color will change from the original non-knocked blue to the color assigned to the type of disposition. When creating a disposition, the user will have the optional ability of creating notes that will be saved. All dispositions are available in the activity page. This allows you to easily change disposition types for clients, such as follow-up to appointment or appointment to sale.

Turning 65 client selector

Since most people register for Medicare when they are turning 65 years old, it just seems natural to have a T65 Selector. When the selector is activated (Blue), you will only be viewing people turning 65 years old the current month and the next 6 months. This selector is a great feature as we do not delete old prospect leads from the application, as many agents have a lot of success door knocking them at a later date.

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    Become a Member

    This application is a Membership application only. Once you become a member, contact us to have your leads uploaded.

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    Start Pounding Doors

    Once leads are uploaded, hit the streets with your door hangers and sales material. The more you knock the more appointments you will make

  • 3
    Sell and Repeat

    Turn that appointment book into a Client List. Enjoy that commission and repeat the whole process. We will see you at the Presidents Club Convention!


Membership Pricing

COMING SOON - Agency Bundle TBD/m
    Full App Access 
    Manager Tracking Coming Soon
    Appointment Book
    Exclusive area upgrade available  
    & Much More
ENTERPRISE Contact for Quote  
    National Prospect Uploads 
    Full App Access
    Manager Tracking Coming Soon
    Appointment & Follow-Up Book
    & Much More

Frequently Asked Questions

What does $100 per month get me?

Agents who Door Knock understand how valuable this prospecting method is. This app not only provides T-65 in your area, but it also plots, maps and tracks your activity to make your life easier. With a built-in appointment and follow up book, agents can easily manage all of their dispositions and track how effective the are being in certain areas.

Can other agents join this app in my city?

Yes, other agents can join in your area unless you purchase exclusive right. The cost for exclusive rights will be determined by the location in which the agents is located. Exclusive right can only be purchased if no other agent is already registered for that area                           

Can other people see my dispositions?

Yes, from the map only but they cannot change your disposition. The Reason for this is to help Agents see if the area they are targeting has already been hit by another agent in order to maximize efficiency, Some agents are better than others, so if you see an area with not interested or not home, don’t be scared to try it for yourself. Many times, ones person may not get good perception when another agent kills it in an area.

Can I get Door Hangers and Business Cards from you?

Absolutely, we can provide a quote for this. We employ an entire advertising and printing team that makes our material. We can even develop you an awesome website like my agency (which is a president club agency)      

Download for iPhone or iPad (Android Coming Soon)

Curently only available for iPhone and iPad. We are working vigerously to bring Android to our market.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android coming VERY soon!

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